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Save the Volunteer Life Saving Corps

For too long, elected officials in Jacksonville Beach have remained silent regarding the lockout of the Volunteer Life Saving Corps (VLSC). This is an important issue in our community and District 16. The time to protect the VLSC is now.

My plan to restore the VLSC service:

  • I call on every Jacksonville Beach resident to sign and support the VLSC ballot initiative petition to protect this historic service in our community.

  • Once elected, I will lead a VLSC-Jacksonville Beach Advisory Board to outline a solution for all parties involved. Volunteer lifeguards will be at the table for all discussions relating to the VLSC and never locked out.

  • I will ensure home-rule is restored and unelected bureaucrats are not running the show.

  • I will fight aggressively to protect the VLSC, allow them to continue serving our beaches, and push back on developers who seek to destroy Jacksonville Beach history for monetary gain.

This should not be a political issue. This is a community issue. All citizens regardless of party or choice of candidate should get involved to support the VLSC. 

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