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My Conservative Record

Let's be clear: I am the only Conservative candidate in this race with the track record to prove it. 

I am: 

  • 100% Pro-Life - Any suggestion otherwise is completely false. This is a moral issue and my opponent is deliberately lying to you about my pro-life record.

  • A+ NRA Rating - I'm the only candidate with a A+ rating with the NRA

  • 100% Florida Family Policy Council - I am the only candidate with a 100% voting record with the Florida Family Policy Council and endorsed by Florida Family Action. 

  • 100% Pro-Growth - I am the only candidate with a 100% voting record with Americans for Prosperity, the Associated Industries of Florida

  • 100% Pro-Law Enforcement - I am the only candidate endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. I've backed the Blue and they back me.

  • 100% Oppose Illegal Immigration - I am the only candidate who has introduced legislation to curb illegal immigration in Florida. I helped ban Sanctuary Cities in Florida and supported Mandatory E-Verify. My opponent is either deliberately lying to you about my record or doesn't understand the policy.

Banned Sanctuary Cities &
Voted for Mandatory E-Verify

I'm proud to be the only candidate that supported Mandatory E-Verify and banned Sanctuary Cities in Florida.

My opponent is trying to lie to you and say I supported illegal immigrants getting drivers licenses. This is a lie. I supported legislation that would track and identify immigrants with a lawful status from the federal government and require insurance for these motorists. The federal government granted legal status to the recipients of DACA meaning they are not eligible for deportation.


The bill I supported was introduced and sponsored by Governor DeSantis' Lieutenant Nunez.

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